Resveratrol Can Extend Your Life - Is it Real or Fake?

Resveratrol Can Extend Your Life - Is it Real or Fake? by Dr. Nicole

Resveratrol or trans-resveratrol (the most active form of resveratrol) is a kind of anti-oxidant that is produced by some plants, when they are under attack from bacteria or fungi. Resveratrol is currently being studied by many scientists to find its true effects on human beings. But the results of published studies already suggest that resveratrol can be a very good agent for anti aging. Resveratrol is proven to be able to increase the lifespan of mice on a high calorie diet.

The French paradox

The French people are known consumers of a high calorie diet although the percentage of heart diseases is actually low there. This is what known as the French paradox. This phenomenon baffled the modern age scientists for many years. Now this phenomenon can be explained by use of resveratrol as the French are frequent consumer of Red Wine too, which contains resveratrol in a high amount.

Brief History

It was at the start of the twenty first century when scientists all over the world started to show eagerness in case of resveratrol. It was first introduced (and still the most popular) in the sense that it can extend one life lifespan significantly by fighting the aging factors, although now it is said also to work as a cancer preventing drug and in many other areas as well such as obesity.

In the year 2003, the Nature magazine first published the amazing effect of this drug that can stop or delay aging in yeasts, worms and fruit flies. In 2006, the first examination of vertebrate animals took place concluding the same as the others. Further studies have indicated that mice are benefitted by resveratrol treatment in various ways.

The numerous studies over the past year showed significant effects on life extension by using resveratrol. Although different users are claimed to experience different signs, a resveratrol drug can exhibit a healthy effect. It is worth taking a chance.


It is too much difficult to predict what effects a dose of resveratrol will create on you. But the effects in can create on animals can range from prevention of cancer to delay in aging. The resveratrol mainly effects the SIRT1 gene so that it would turn off. When turned off, this can cause our skins not to roughen, our normal body energies not to lessen as we age. In other words, it does not let us age.

Fake or Real?

Resveratrol anti-aging concept is not a guess anymore. It is almost certain that they prevent aging on a scientific base (and also helps with obesity). The resveratrol product review by the numerous customers proves just that.

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  1. Resveratrol supplements is currently being analyzed by many researchers to find its real results on humans. But the results of released research already recommend that resveratrol can be a very good broker for stop getting older treatment.

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